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In the Hindu Trinity, Lord Vishnu is the maintainer of preserver. Brahma is the creator and Siva the transformer.  Vishnu has 10 avatars i.e., incarnations - Sri Krishna being the most well known avatar. Vishnu's consort is Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. It is said that if we pray and please Vishnu, he will come toward us and along with him will come Lakshmi.

He is known as Vasudeva since the whole universe is within him and also he is manifested in every atom in the universe. Whatever we look at is the svarupa (form) of the Lord. If the whole universe is a body then the bearer of the body is Lord Vishnu.

Lord Vi?h?u is represented as lying on his side on the thousand-headed serpent Vasuki or Ananta (who symbolizes the cosmic energy), in the ocean of milk (symbolizing the endless bliss and grace of Supreme Consciousness). The blue color of his body symbolizes infinity. He is shown with four hands holding:

  • "Sudarsana Chakra" denoting that he maintains "dharma" (righteousness) and the order of the universe,
  • "Sankha" or the conch held close to his ears, representing removal of ignorance
  • mace to remove evil, and
  • lotus flower symbolizing  purity and beauty.

His mount or vehicle is Garuda, the man-eagle, a figure of great strength, power and piety.

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