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Śānti mantras

The following mantras are from the various Upaniads of the four Vedas. At the beginning of each Upaniad there will be an invocatory prayer before the actual text starts. Generally the Teacher and the student both chant the invocatory prayer.

Chanting of the following Mantras helps to calm the mind and subtilise the intellect. It prepares everyone to grasp the deep meaning of the text. The mind and the intellect are constantly at the onslaught of the vagaries of mundane life, as a result mind gets agitated and intellect loses the clarity of thought process. Chanting these mantras helps to appease the mind and makes the intellect sharp.

 At the end of each mantra one has to chant three times Om śāntiḥ, which wards off the three types of disturbances- cosmic, external, and internal.

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