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Nava Graha Mantra-Sun

Sastras says that planet Sun was born out of universal sound (pranava nada) Ohm, he is considered to be the right eye of Siva. He has eight arms and wears golden colored silk garments, he has also a symbol of lotus flower on two of his shoulders, and he travels on a seven horse chariot. Sun planet is the Lord of all the planets. He showers lifelong lord ship, good health, progeny for the seeker. Good planetary of position of Sun can make a person to become famous in the research of medicines, scientific and medical field.

Chant the following sun mantra seven times on a Sunday to get his blessings.

Japākusuma samkāśam kāśyapeyam mahādyutim|

Tamorim sarvapāpagnam praṇatosmi divākaram||


  • Word Meanings:
  • Japākusuma: Japā flower(china rose)
  • samkāśam: resembling
  • kāśyapeyam: son of the celebrated sage Kasyapa
  • mahādyutim: extremely brilliant
  • tamas arim : destroyer of darkness
  • sarva pāpagnam: destroyer of all sins
  • praṇatosmi : I bow
  • divākaram: sun God who shines all day
  • Translation:
I bow to Sun, who shines whole through the day- Divākara, the son of Kasyapa who is resplendent like Japā flower (China rose) and extremely brilliant, who is the destroyer of darkness (ignorance) and destroyer of all sins.
  •   Pronunciation:
    • Pronounce ā like in Car
    • Pronounce like in under
    • Pronounce ś   like in shove

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