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Nava Graha Mantra-Rahu

Rāhu disguised as devata during the distribution of Amritum by Mohini to get a portion of it. Sun and the moon identified the demon, Lord Visnu cut off his head, but as already he had the portion of Amritum, a tail came out of his head while the rest of the body became Ketu. He is a friend of Sani. With Rahu’s favor, there will be success in career growth, export and import business, expertise in herbal therapy.

Ardhakāyam mahāvīram candrāditya vimardanam|

Simhikā garbhasambhūtam tam rāhum praṇamāmyaham||

Chant the following mantra eighteen times.

  • Word Meanings:
  • Ardhakāyam: half body
  • mahāvīram : great warrior
  • candrāditya : moon and the sun
  • vimardanam: inflicts pains
  • Simhikā : lioness
  • garbhasambhūtam : born of
  • tam rāhum : thy Rāhu
  • praṇamāmyaham: I bow down
  • Translation:
I bow down to Rāhu who has only a half body (head only) who is of great heroic deeds, who inflicts pains on the sun and moon and is born of a lioness.
  •   Pronunciation:
    • Pronounce ā like in Car
    • Pronounce like in under
    • Pronounce  ū like in pool
    • Pronounce ca like in chair

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