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Nava Graha Mantra-Moon

Moon is a water planet.  Moon is considered as Śubhakara- giver of good results. He is the Lord for mental confidence. Good planetary position of moon is ideal for water related business, soft drinks, fine arts and to excel in sports like cricket, swimming, Badminton etc.

Chant the following Moon mantra ten times for his blessings.

Dadhiśankha tuṣārābham kshirodārṇva sambhavam|

Namāmi śaśinam somam śambhormukuta bhūṣaṇam||

  • Word Meanings:
  • Dadhiśankha: coagulated milk or curds, conch shell
  • tuṣārābham: snow
  • kshirodārṇva: milk ocean
  • sambhavam: arising
  • Namāmi : I bow
  • śaśinam: name of the Moon
  • somam: name of the Moon that says  his rays of light are considered as the nectar
  • śambhormukuta: crown of Siva
  • bhūṣaṇam: adorned
  • Translation:
I bow down to Moon, who is shining white like curds, the conch and the snow, who is born from the milky ocean and who adorns the crest of Siva.
  •   Pronunciation:
    • Pronounce ā like in Car
    • Pronounce like in under
    • Pronounce ś   like in shove
    • Pronounce     like in bushel

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