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Mantras to pray early in the morning before starting work schedule:

Early morning sun is the best source of energy to start the day. From the Vedic times there were many rituals prescribed to worship the Sun God like yogāsanas to be done early in the morning, offering prayers or simply sit gazing at  the early morning sun does wonders to one and all.

  1. Ādideva namastubhyam prasīda mama bhāskara|
Divākara namasthubhyam Prabhākara namostute||
  • Word meanings:
    • Ādideva: the supreme Lord;
    • namastubhyam: salutations unto you;
    • prasīda: devoted;
    • mama:  me;
    • bhāskara: bright sun;
    • Divākara: sun God;
    • namasthubhyam: salutations unto you
    • Prabhākara:  the effulgent sun God;
    • Namostute: salutations unto you.
  • Translation:
My salutations unto the supreme Lord the Sun who is ever effulgent who gives bright light to whom I want to convey my devoted salutations.
  • Pronunciation:
  • Pronounce Ā and ā like in car
  • Pronounce ī like in feet

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