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3. Sri Rāma Rāma Rāmeti Rame Rāme Manorame

Sahasra nāma tattulyam Rāma nāma varānane||

  • Word meanings:
    • Sri Rāma Rāma: repeating the name of the Lord;
    • Rāmeti Rame Rāme Manorame: delighted to repeat the name of the Lord;
    • Sahasra: thousand times;
    • Nāma tattulyam:  gives the same kind of result;
    • Rāma nāma varānane: grants the result by chanting Rāma’ name.
    • Translation:
If chanted with devotion the name Sri Rāma. Rāma, each time is equal to thousand times of chanting thousand names of Lord Vishnu.
  • Symbolism:
This mantra was given to Goddess Parvati by her husband Lord Siva when she asked that which mantra gives greatest benefit to the devotee. Rāma is a seed mantra which is formed by the combination of two letters taken from both Narayana and Siva, but as the mantra says it gives the result of chanting thousand times, how can this happen?

Ra is the second letter in Ya Ra La Va;

Ma is the fifth letter in Pa PHA Ba BHA Ma;

So 2 multiplied by 5= 10; Rāma = 10; when repeated three times as in the mantra reaches a figure of 1000 times, but here chanting Rāma’s name is of no use unless Sita’s name is added so Sri is added ( Sri means Sita only , Rāma’s glory comes with Sita only).
  • Pronunciation:
  • Pronounce ā like in the word car

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