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Sri Rāma-mantras

 Truth, charity, penance, detachment, friendliness, purity, straightforwardness, knowledge and service to his preceptors are the real characters of Lord Rāma.

Rāma wins the subjects by his adherence to truth, poor by his gifts, his preceptors by service and his foes by his skilled archery in battle. Rāma is the very essence of virtue and is the root of the tree of all created humanity.

Rāma mantra can be chanted by everyone regardless caste and creed. It can be said aloud even in the street. It has the power to destroy the innumerable sins and can take heaven by storm. It is essence of all Vedas and a radical mantra for the road to salvation and ensures the way to devotion.

RA in taken from Narayana and ma comes from the Namah sivayah so the potency of the mantra can be very well understood; this mantra was communicated by Lord Siva to his consort Pārvati, he also said that by chanting Sri Rāma Rāma with devotion , each time is equal to thousand times chanting the names of the Lord Vishnu.

Rāma sabda has tremendous healing energy that lies dormant in the solar plexus chakra. Chanting the Rāma sabda can activate the energy. Ra and Ma syllables control the solar, lunar current on right and left sides of our body. By repeating the Rāma mantra these two currents can be properly balanced. Chose some of the following Rāma mantras and make a practice of chanting regularly for better health, calmness and peaceful serene mind.

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