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Lord Hanumān:

He is blessed by Lord Rāma to be “chiranjiva” that is living for eternity and famous for his single minded devotion to Lord Rāma and achieved the mystic union with him. He is an unparalleled source of infinite strength, as it is the alpha and omega of life, sought by all and there is no alternative to it (strength here means not only on physical plane, but strength in the moral, mental, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual levels) self control, knowledge and the spirit of service. He was gifted by the Lord Brahma and all other gods with invincible powers and deathlessness. He is the personification of pure joy, eternal bliss, and victory that makes followers fit recipients of Lord Rāma’s grace by making them virtuous and spiritually strong. All through India people worship the Lord Hanumān and if one prays with utter devotion and clear mind can be benefitted.

Hanumān symbolizes Devotion, strength, learning, service, humility, Eloquence, Celibacy, and Selfless action all one, always attributed these virtues to the grace of Rama.

Hanumān is characterized as perfect man of education and culture, proficient and efficient and a go getter. Nothing is impossible for him, to think is to act and to conceive is to achieve for him ,yet this beautiful personality is all wrapped up in the shell of a monkey, anyone can pause for while why a monkey? Monkeys represent thoughts, restless and unsteady but with profound self control and knowledge can bring out the potential inherent qualities.

Select some of the following Hanumān mantras to ward off unhidden fears, evil spirits, single minded devotion, to increase concentration and inner confidence.

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