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Importance of Mantras

Sanskrit language is the mother of all the languages and it is a proven fact that many of the terms in Latin and Greek are derived from Sanskrit.

It is also considered as celestial language spoken and written by the sages and the innumerable devatas described in the Hindu Vedic texts from millennia.

Many religious and spiritual disciplines in different parts of the world work towards a common goal that is “Enlightenment”. In layman’s language people seek protection and safety in their everyday life patterns.

In Hindu Vedic texts consciousness is described as masculine attribute while the power is feminine. Only the feminine power can ignite the masculine consciousness. A mantra can help awaken and bring balance these energies, help the seeker enhance the positive qualities and focuses them during the misdirection.

Mantra helps to maintain calm and peaceful state of the mind and body, receptive to insights, to work through challenges. It also helps to provide with energy, increases the concentration, inner confidence.

Mantras help to create abundance, unlock the creative power and to live a meaningful life.

 The word Mantra comes from the Sanskrit root ‘manas’ or mind and trai’ means to protect, so the meaning can be read as ‘to set free from the mind’.

Mantra acts as a tool to release conditioned mental habits, every day chanting can be rewarding and wondrous.

The main factor behind chanting a mantra lies in the relationship between the physical body and spiritual physiology (metaphysically referred to as subtle body). Physical body is powered by the energies supplied by the subtle body which as five energy centers or chakras along the spine, a sixth one between the eyebrows, a seventh one at the top of the head. These chakras resemble huge sunflowers with fifty petals that correspond to each of the fifty Sanskrit alphabets and vibrate to mantra that sets of the energetic effect.

Mantra chanting works in several ways.

  1. It clears the blockages if any.
  2. Mantras attract some specific chakras to restore health, improve life conditions, eliminates bad circumstances that are hampering in some way.
  3. Chanting mantra can also attract energy that is present around us.
Fact file :mantras
  • Mantra derives energy from the sound it produces.
  • It attracts both physical and spiritual consciousness.
  • Mantra recited with intention increases the benefits.
  • Mantra energizes basic form of life energy.
  • Mantras must be treated with utmost respect and pronounced correctly because mispronunciation can alter the meaning of the mantra.
How to use the mantra:
  • Repetition of the mantra holds an important place, must be repeated as often as possible over a period of time whole through the day even when doing the everyday chores, for the results to appear.
  • A proper place and a specific time must be chosen.
  • Select a discipline of 21 or 40 days for repetition.
  • Initially to be acquainted with chanting ritual a rosary mala with 108 beads can be used. At the beginning doing one mala of chanting the mantra holds good which can be increased slowly.

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