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9- Mantra

9. Ekadantāya vidmahe vakratuṇdāya dhimahi | Tanno danti prachodayāt ||

  • Word meanings:
    • Ekadantāya: a single tusk;
    • Vidmahe: contemplation;
    • Vakratuṇḍāya: curved trunk; 
    • Dhimahi: intelligent;
    • Tanno: extend;
    • Dantih: Lord Gaapati;
    • Prachodayāt: inspired 
  • Translation:
This mantra is called Gaapati Gāyatri, since it is set in Gāyatri meter which has a special place in Vedic literature. The foremost of the Vedas- Rgveda begins with this.

The devotee recognizes that thoughts just take place and every thought originates from the Atman which is not different from the Lord.

We know the form of Lord Gaapati that he has only one tusk and his trunk is curved and we contemplate on him to inspire our thoughts.

The scriptures describe the vividness of the Lord’s form helps the seeker to concentrate his vagrant mind to contemplate.
  • Pronunciation:
  • Pronounce ā like in car
  • Pronounce like in under
  • Visarga      Nasalization of preceding vowel

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