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9. Om, Bhadraṁ karṇebhiśṛṇuyāma devāḥ |

Bhadraṁ paśyemākṣabhiryajatrāḥ |

Sthirairangaistuṣtuvāgmsastanubhiḥ |

Vyśema devahitaṁ yadāyuḥ |

Svasti na indro vrddhaśravāḥ |

Svasti na pūṣa viśvavedāḥ |

Svasti nastārkṣyo ariṣtanemiḥ |

Svasti no bṛhaspatirdadhātu|

Om śantiśantiśantiḥ ||

  • Word meanings:
    • Om: the symbol of the Lord and the primordial sound;
    • Bhadraṁ: auspicious;  
    • karṇebhiḥ: by the ears;
    • śṛṇuyāma : may we hear;
    • devāḥ : oh Gods;
    • Bhadraṁ: auspicious;
    • Paśyema : may we see;
    • akṣabhiḥ : with the eyes;
    • yajatrāḥ: oh worshipped ones;
    • Sthirai: hale and hearty;
    • angai : by the limbs;
    • stustuvāgm sah: may we live offering praises;
    • tanubhiḥ: by the body;
    • vyśema : may we have;
    • devahitaṁ : for the benefit of devas ;
    • yat-āyuḥ : entire span of life;
    • svasti: blessings;
    • nah: for us;
    • indro: Lord Indra( Leader of the heaven);
    • vrddhaśravāḥ: ancient and famous;
    • Svasti : blessings;
    • nah: to us;
    • pūṣa: to Sun God who nourishes the world;
    • viśvavedāḥ : the all knowing;
    • svasti : blessings;
    • nah : to us;
    • takṣyah:  the celestial bird, vayu;
    • ariṣtanemiḥ : who protects from harm;
    • svasti : blessings;
    • nah: by us;
    • bṛhaspati: the lord of prayers;
    • dadhātu: may he give
    • Om śantiḥ: peace be; śantiḥ: peace be; śantiḥ: peace be
    • Translation:
Oh Gods, may we hear with our ears what is auspicious; O worshipful ones, may we see what is auspicious; may we be hale and hearty all through our life offering praises unto you. May Indra the ancient and famous sun God the all knowing, the wind God Vayu who saves from all harms and the Lord of prayers Bṛhaspati who protects the spiritual wealth in us-bless us with intellectual strength to understand the scriptures and to follow the teachings.

Om peace be! Peace be! Peace be!
  • Symbolism:
The mantra welcomes the peace invocation, a common prayer for the teacher and the student. The prayer makes us tune ourselves to the highest perfection; there by we tune ourselves a perfect mind and the intellect. Invoking the five elements makes us see and hear nothing but goodness and purity. The prayer concludes with invoking three times repeating peace, the three repetitions however are addressed to three groups of obstacles like God sent( lightening, thunder) ; phenomenon( fire, floods); subjective ( inertia, lack faith, insincerity) which arise from our own negativities.
  • Pronunciation:
  • Pronounce ā like in car
  • Pronounce ś like in shove
  • Visarga      Nasalization of preceding vowels
  • Pronounce like in under  
  • Pronounce like in bushel
  • Nasalization of preceding vowel
  • Pronouncelike in rig
  • Pronounce ū like in pool

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