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7. Oṁ! Namaste Gaṇapataye| Tvameva pratykṣaṁ tattvamasi| Tvameva kevalaṁ kartā’ si| Tvameva kevalaṁ dhartā’ si| Tvameva kevalaṁ hartā’ si| Tvameva sarvaṁ khalvidaṁ brahmāsi| Tvam sākṣādātāmā’ si nityaṁ||

  • Word meanings:
    • Namaste: my salutations;
    • Gaṇapataye:      Lord Gaapati   ;
    • Tvameva: thou alone;
    • Pratykṣa: manifests;
    • Tattvamasi: reality;        
    • Kevala: alone            ;
    • Kartāsi: creator;
    • Dhartā si: sustainer;
    • Hartā: annihilator;
    • Sarva khalvidaṁ: all that is here;
    • Brahmā: the supreme Lord;
    • Tvam: thou;
    • Sākṣādātāmā: indeed the Atma;
    • Si nityaṁ: all the time.
  • Translation:
The sage Atharvana who had written the Atharvana vedam has had the vision of Lord   Gaeśa and the learned sage conveyed the mantra in a poetic form so that humanity can be benefitted from the Lord.

            He states that it is customary that we pray to the Lord before beginning of anything.

  Oh! Gaeśa the head of the Deva ganas, who is the first facet of Brahma-Tatva, who           created the whole universe, who maintains or destroys the universe, only you are the Atma, you are the supreme Lord, I bow to you and offer my salutations humbly.
  • Pronunciation:
    • Pronounce ā like in car
    • Pronounce like in bushel
    • Pronounce like in under
    • Pronounce like in Rome

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