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5- mantra

5. Karāgre vasate Lakshmi karamūle Saraswati |

Kara madhye tu Govindā prabhāte Kara vandanam||

A variation of this mantra:

Karāgre vasate Lakshmi Kara madhye Saraswati|

Karamūle sthitā Gouri prabhāte Kara darśanam||

  • Word meanings:
    • Karāgre: upper part of hands;
    • vasate: stays;
    • Lakshmi: Goddess for wealth, consort of Vishnu;
    • karamūle: lower part of hands;
    • Saraswati: Goddess for education and knowledge, consort of Lord Brahma;
    • Kara madhye; middle part of your hands;
    • tu: thy;
    • Govindā: epithet of Lord Vishnu;
    • prabhāte: early morning;
    • Kara: hands;
    • vandanam: obeisance;
    • sthitā: stays;
    • Gouri: epithet of Parvati;
    • Darśanam: looking at.
  • Translation:
 My Obeisance to both the hands early in the morning where Goddess Lakshmi stays in the upper part, while Goddess Saraswati in the lower part of hands, and Lord Govindā in the middle part of the hands.

In the variation mantra,

I look at both my hands early in the morning where Goddess Lakshmi stays in the upper part, Saraswati stays in the middle part of the hands while Goddess Gouri stays in the lower part of the hands.
  • Symbolism:
There is scientific truth behind this mantra. All the beings have electromagnetic impulses in their body, all the information is communicated through the nerves with the help of these impulses. How much ever current gets leaked through the other parts, will be recharged in the night as there is no activity in the night  the excess of the activity gets out through the eyes. So as soon as when one wakes up and touches both the eyes with the hands touching and spread widely the extra current can be leaked out.

Second important part of chanting this mantra is giving exercise to both the eyes which have been resting in the night. Like when Karāgre is rendered the upper part of the hands are looked at, karamūle – the lower part and kara madhye- the middle part, means the eyes are looking at three angles and the third important point is the Sanskrit alphabet ‘K/k’ energizes the nerves in the  various parts of the throat.
  • Pronunciation:
  • Pronounce ū like in pool
  • Pronounce ś like  in shove
  • Pronounce ā like in car

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