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  1. Paśyema śarad śatam; Jīvema śarad śatam; Buddhema śarad śatam; Rohema śarad śatam ; Pūṣhema śarad śatam; Bhavema śarad śatam; Bhūyema śarad śatam; Bhūyasi śarad śatam||
  • Word meanings:
  • Symbolism: This is a prayer for full Life (śatamānam bhavati)
  • Translation:  May we  have un impaired eye sight , excellent health, enthusiasm to learn, grow  mentally and physically, prosper , remain established and have all round improvement for hundred autumns.
  • Pronunciation:
  • Paśyema: unimpaired eye sight;
  • śaradḥ: autumns;
  • śatam: hundred;
  • Jīvema: health:
  • Buddhema: capacity to learn;
  • Rohema: growth;
  • Puṣhema: prosper;
  • Bhavema: worldly existence;
  • Bhūyema: all-round improvement;
  • Bhūyasi; again and again.
  • Pronounce ś like  in shove
  • Pronounce like in bushel
  • Visarga      ḥ Nasalization of preceding vowels
  • Pronounce ū like in pool
  • Pronounce ī like in feet

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