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3. Sri Bhāskarāya vidmahe sahasra raśmāya dhimahi tanno Sūrya pracodayāt ||

  • Word meanings:
    • Bhaskaraya: bright sun;
    • vidmahe: we discover or realize;
    • sahasra: thousand;
    • raśmāya: sunrays;
    • dhimahi: we meditate;
    • tanno: grant;
    • Sūryaḥ: Lord Surya;
    • Pracodayāt: inspires.
    •  Translation:
May we realize /discover the thousand rays of the bright sun and contemplate or meditate on the Sun God who inspires us.
  • Symbolism:  There are twelve types of Adityas (sons of Aditi) like Dhatu, Mitra, Aryama, Rudra, Varuna, Surya, Bhanu, Visvavasu, Pusha, Savita, Trusta, and Vishnu placed themselves in the twelve petals of the heart chakra of every beings, which are the twelve rasis and their movements controls the mind of the beings and make them do the good or bad actions and also gives them good or bad results. Sage Vyasa explained by  praying Lord Surya not only destroys all the sins, inspires us to learn more, and to remove all the suspicions from our mind. Vedas vouch that chanting the above mantra 108 times early in the morning grants good health.
  • Pronunciation:
  • Pronounce ā like in car
  • Pronounce ś like  in shove
  • Visarga      ḥ Nasalization of preceding vowels
  • Pronounce ū like in pool

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