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2. Gaānām tvā gaapatigm havāmahe kavim kavināmupamaśravastramaum|

     Jyeṣtharājam brahmaṇām brahmaṇaspata ānahś śrṇvannūtibhissida sādanam||

  • Word meaning:
    • Gaānām: groups of inferior deities attached to Lord śiva under the rule of Gaapati;
    • tvā: thy;
    • Gaapatigm: head or leader of the groups;
    • Havāmahe: offer oblations;
    • Kavim: the visionary;
    • Kavinām: all the visionaries;
    • Upamaśra vastramaum: attained great fame through various similies (upama means that description of the person, object like effulgence or all pervasive ness  of the Lord ) ;
    • Jyeṣtha: most exalted;
    • Rājam: shines like king;
    • Brahmaām: of the knowers;
    • Brahmaaspata: Lord of vedas;  
    • Nah: our;
    • Srvan: listening;
    • Ūtibhi:   with all protective means;
    • Ssida: please sit;
    • Sādanam: at the altar of fire ritual, in our heart.                 .
  • Translation:
 I pray to the Lord Gaapati  who is the leader of groups of deities, the visionary of all visionaries, who has great fame through various similies, the exalted  of the knowers of Brahman, the  one who shines in our hearts like a king, and to remove the obstacles as you are the omniscient and with complete knowledge. Please sit at the altar to listen our prayers and praises.
  • Pronunciation:
               Pronounce ā like in the word car

             Pronounce ś like in the word shove

                 Pronounce ū like in pool

                 Pronounce like in under

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